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In India, Iranian Shia Muslim Maulana Mehdi Mahdavi Puri should stop mob lynching of all poor Indian believers. Maulana Rajani Hassan Ali”

Maulana Rajani Hassan Ali Gujarat State President Indian National League ,on said that Maulana Agha Mehdi Mahdavi Puri of Iran In New Delhi 18 Tilak Marg Iran Culture House Delhi should get rid of the dream of occupying India from his heart because now our country is the President of India. The republic will be Mohan Bhagat. Maulana Rajani said that Maulana Mahdavi Puri made his leader in the film "The Kashmir Falls” and should not be happy with the undue interference of Iran because this film was made for only one and a half hundred crores. Now in a few days Shah Rukh Khan’s film "Pathan” So Akshay Kumar’s film "Attack” is coming which are made in thousands of crores. Maulana Rajani said that the status of Maulana Mehdi Mahdavi Puri is not such that whether it is reconstruction of holy shrines in our country India or killing of prominent Shia scholars in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Egypt it is a small protest. They were able to gather up to six hundred men. Maulana Rajani said that Maulana Mehdi Mahdavi could receive money from Iran by paying a small amount of money to his terrorist ulema . Maulana Rajani clearly said that if any person goes to any website of Saudi Arabia and searches, they will find a clear statement of the Saudis that the oppressed Shiites of Qatif who have been strangled by the Saudis are all strong supporters of Iran. This means that there is no one in Saudi Arabia like Maulana Mehdi Mahdavi Puri like India who keeps inciting the oppressed Shiites of Qatif against the government and similarly Shiites are killed in Nigeria and those Shiites also belong to Iran. Shiites in Afghanistan and Pakistan are killed in support of Iran. Therefore, Maulana Rajani Hasan Ali has appealed to the Shiites all over the world to remain loyal to their country and the question of Iran is for them. Pray that God will strengthen them and grant them further development. Not to betray their own country in love with Iran and incite people against Amit Shah etc. and form suicide bombing teams in Gujarat. Maulana Rajani Hassan Ali said that if Iran loves Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemeni African Kashmiri Shias then they should use their diplomatic relations and talk to any country at the ministry level and not pay Rs. Break hands and feet with sticks. Maulana Rajani said that on the eve of Ashura, a bomb blast took place in Karachi in which six Khoja Shias were killed and six Sunni Muslims were killed. The rest were all Shias. The representative of Pakistan goes away announcing to give crores of rupees for the rehabilitation of the road of Afghanistan, but the martyrs do not get a single penny. While he was in the conference, Maulana Rajani Hassan Ali was given 500 Pakistani rupees and the representative of Iran Culture House Karachi was chased away and told to go to India immediately. The situation in Pakistan is very bad. Maulana Rajani Hassan Ali also stressed that if the Shiites of the whole world call Iran Iran Iran and drink the cup of martyrdom because that country ie Iran belongs to the Shiites and there is the grave of the eighth Imam and the grave of his sister. So are the graves of Imam Hussein and other martyrs of Karbala and Imams in Iraq? Besides, aren’t there Shiites in Iraq? Are there no madrassas in Iraq? Are there no authorities in Iraq? Isn’t Iraq a center for Shiites? Everything in Iraq is a thousand times better than in Iran. Yes, only Iraqis do not have Mr. Mehdi Mahdavi Puri, who lives in Delhi. I pay a thousand rupees a month to the Maulvis like us to recite my Qasida and those who do not recite the Qasida of Iran, that is, recite it among hundreds of people that it is against Iran and then the Rajani’s. Potato videos are bought from these scoundrels for only five thousand rupees by their scoundrels Maulvi. From these scoundrels, whenever anyone misbehaves like Maulana Rajani or Rajani, it will be made viral. Finally, Maulana Rajani Hassan Ali said: I am very thankful to the Indian brothers that the scholars of Iran Culture House Delhi blackmailed and slandered me and at the same time their scoundrels used all their influence but I am still safe and sound. And I also get death threats from Iran Culture House None of the believers of their Shia community have told me anything other than the slanders of the fallen Maulvis. The question is that the scoundrels of Pakistan and Iran are bothering me, they are only hinting at Mahdavi Puri because they do not even know my real name of Pakistani and Iranian scoundrels because when any Iranian scoundrel says something to me. So Rajai writes and when Pakistani filthy says something then razani writes while my surname is Rajani then it means that all this is the hand of filthy people of Iran Culture House Delhi. maulana rajai hasan ali apeal In India, Iranian Maulana Mehdi Mahdavi Puri should stop mob lynching of all poor Indian believers

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